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Preparing for Heidelberg National MUN 2013

Study guides 

Around Christmas, we will equip you with a comprehensive study guide for your committee to make it easier for you to get a feeling of what the debates will be focused on and what to expect from the resolution negotiations. We will also give some general advice on the positions of several blocks of nations to make it easier for you to find out who your allies could be.


Rules of Procedure

To ensure a smooth running of the conference and a UN- like atmosphere, we issue rules of procedure for Heidelberg National MUN. You will have to opportunity to go through the rules of procedure during the optional practice session on Dec 15, 2012; and you will also receive them via email together with the other conference material. Additionally, they are also available for download (pdf, 700 KB).


Resolution Writing
For examples, please refer to the resolution of the Human Rights Council of Heidelberg National MUN 2012.
Useful online Resources
Comprehensive List of UN Sites
The World Factbook
If it were my home
NY Times Topic Pages
The Guardian Topic Pages
Country Indicators for Foreign Policy
American Center for Foreign Policy
Council on Foreign Relations
Something is missing? Just send us an email!
At Heidelberg National Model United Nations 2013, delegates can be honored with the following awards:
  • Outstanding Delegate Diplomacy Award (for the overall best diplomatic representation of a nation in the respective committee),
  • Delegate Diplomacy Award (for an excellent individual performance in the diplomatic representation of a nation),
  • Delegation Diplomacy Award (for an excellent team performance in the diplomatic representation of a nation, UNEO only),
  • Newcomer Diplomacy Award (for the best performance of a MUN-newcomer in the diplomatic representation of a nation in the respective committee).
Optional Practice Session, Dec 15, 2012

We are proud to offer you an opportunity to practice to make the most out of your Heidelberg National MUN 2013 experience!

Join us for an afternoon to practice your MUN-skills. No matter whether you are new to the world of Model United Nations or already a MUN-pro, we can offer you input and practice opportunities tailored to your level of MUN-experience.

Take the chance to learn some of our Harvard WorldMUN award winning alumni's recipes for success, and get in touch with the Heidelberg WorldMUN delegation 2013.

As requested by many of you, we made the slides used during the training session available for download (pdf, 13 MB).

Practice Session Venue

The Heidelberg National MUN 2013 practice session will be hosted in the Institute of Psychology of the University of Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 47-51, 69117 Heidelberg. For directions, please refer to this site.

Please note that the main entrance on Hauptstraße will be closed. Therefore, we kindly request that you use the garden entrance at Brunnengasse to enter the back building (Alte Anatomie). There will be signs to guide you to the rooms. 


 2:00 pm
 2:15 pm
 MUN skills 1
 3:00 pm
 MUN skills 2 / Negotiating
 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm          
 SPECPOL practice simulation 



Western Business Attire 

Going beyond

We are glad to be working closely together with the social initiative ShareHealth!, which has been founded by WorldMUN Heidelberg alumni with the intention to make it possible to go beyond 'just' crafting resolutions on paper. With this hands-on approach, ShareHealth! is aiming to support children in Ukraine and Ecuador, where oral health is a big problem, in achieving and maintaining good dental health (more on www.sharehealth.de). A major part of the project is to offer school children in-class information on good dental care. You can help a child in Ecuador or Ukraine, too! Just bring a children's toothbrush with you to the practice session!