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Guest Speaker

We are proud to announce Dr. Ashis Brahma as the keynote speaker for Heidelberg National MUN 2013!

Dr. Brahma is doing medical and humanitarian field work around the globe, including places as diverse as India, Nepal, Burundi, Sudan and Uganda. With a background in medicine from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Dr. Brahma has not only practiced medicine in hospitals and health camps, but he also gathered considerable experience in managing humanitarian and medical help in challenging environments.  Most notably, he was the health manager of the Oure Cassoni refugee camp in Chad,  coordinating the camp with more than 27 000 refugees of the Second Sudanese Civil War. Following his work in Chad, Dr. Brahma made it his responsibility to share the experiences he made during his time in the Oure Cassoni camp, raising awareness for the situation of refugees worldwide and inspiring others to take action - in medicine and beyond. As a lecturer of public health at the Mountains of the Moon University and the Virtual University, Kampala, Uganda, as well as during his other employments practicing medicine, Dr. Brahma has passed on his experiences to others. Now back to the Netherlands and working at the Gelre Ijssel Publich Health Department, Dr. Brahma is coming to Heidelberg National MUN to continue his mission to share the story of the Oure Cassoni refugee camp.

     Dr. Brahma in the Oure Cassoni refugee camp