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Social Responsibility

 ShareHealth!During Heidelberg National MUN 201, is our mission to encourage diplomatic education and understanding by offering an inter-disciplinary academic forum for the discussion and study of international issues and to empower the delegates to make their own impact in international relations.


At Heidelberg National Model United Nations, we strive to engage our delegates in more than just theoretical considerations. You can make a considerable impact yourself!  

Here is how you can make an impact: bring a childrens' toothbrush on January 12, 2013! Support our social initiative ShareHealth!

The ShareHealth! Initiative strives to support Ukrainian and Ecuadorian primary school children in caring for their teeth. Currently, there are no governmental or school programs in those two countries that aim to educate children about the value of good oral health, to show the ways to prevent bad teeth or to show them how to maintain good oral health.

Have you ever had a bad tooth and do you remember how uncomfortable you were even though you could go to the dentist straight away? Ukrainian and Ecuadorian children have an average of 4 bad teeth. Tackle this problem with us! Bring a toothbrush. Help us put our plan including a peer education process as well as teacher-based training into action (more info on www.sharehealth.de).