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Preparing for Heidelberg National MUN 2020

The United Nations is open to all nations, and by that, to all people. It should not be a 'secret club' that only few can understand and relate to.

UNO in New York
UNO in New York

That is why we want to make Heidelberg National MUN an opportunity to get in touch with ideas and work of the United Nations, without having to travel long distances. It is also not meant to be a closed shop activity, where only those who already are a part of the so-called MUN-world meet with each other.

We specifically encourage students that are open-minded and willing to argue about their beliefs, that have no idea what "model united nations" stands for, to be part of Heidelberg National.

Each committee provides Study Guides (will follow early December) for your preparation. They serve as introduction into the topic of each committee, and provide starting points for further research. They also focus on specific aspects of the topics, to enable delegates to prepare for specific aspects of the issues to be tackled. To get a quick start, you can get an overview over each topic in the 'Committees'-section.

Preparation for the conference is twofold: You need to understand the formal procedures, and prepare the content of your committee's topic.

The formal procedures are regulated by the Rules of Procedure (2019 edition - updated!). The rules form the basis on which committee work will go along. The overview of different actions you can take might help, too - it is the last page of the Rules of Procedure document. The website bestdelegate.com provides an introduction for newcomers to Model United Nations. Take a look, and maybe stroll around on their comprehensive website.

If you come across other material, website and the like, be welcome to shoot us an email so we can provide your information to the other delegates!