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Preparing for Melbourne

The Delegation is part of a professional and extensive preparation process. It mainly consists of intense weekly meetings where both organisational and substantial issues are treated.

Furthermore, the delegation has put forward, inter alia, these events:

Oct 24

Written applications due

Oct 25&29

Applicant meetings:

In two applicant meetings,  the applicants were challenged in multiple creative and team-oriented tasks, including ad-hoc speeches as well as improvisational games.

Nov 1

Conclusion of Application Procedure:

Finally, out of over 70 applications, 13 students were chosen to be a part of the 2013 Delegation.

Nov - Feb

Weekly preparation meetings

  • UN background inputs
  • Debating and negotiation training
  • Sponsoring assignments
  • Logistics planning
Nov 10
 First full day training session:
  • Key skills for public speaking
  • Advanced rhetoric
  • Introduction to Model United Nations Procedure
Dec 15

 Second full-day training session:

  • Debating in MUN style
  • Negotiating skills
  • Opening speeches
  • Guest delegations
Jan 7

Country Assignment for WorldMUN 2013:

Turkey, South Africa and Morocco

Jan 12-13

Third Heidelberg National MUN:

Over 120 students from Heidelberg and beyond joined Heidelberg's Delegation to WorldMUN 2013 for an intense 2-day conference, simulating two UN bodies:

  • UN Environment Organization
  • UN Security Council
Jan & Feb
Final Preparation Period:
  • Country-specific content preparation
  • Drafting position papers

Mar 18-25

World MUN 2013 in Melbourne, Australia