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Harvard WorldMUN 2014: Brussels

The University of Heidelberg's WorldMUN2014 Delegation
The University of Heidelberg's WorldMUN2014 Delegation
Since 1992 Harvard World Model United Nations conferences continue to offer an incredible intenational environment uniting more than 1700 students with a mutual interest in diplomacy and politics from more than 45 different countries, thus being one of the biggest UN simulations of the world.
Every year new recent intenational issues are discussed in a variety of different committees following the actual rules of the United Nations and aiming at a final comprehensive resolution.
The conference offers students a great opportunity to shape their future as leaders practicing everything from debating and rethorics to negiotiation and team work. Nonetheless, our delegation will also experience an interior development being independently responsible for the entire preparation process.
This year's delegation of the "Ruperto Carola" University of Heidelberg was selected after a written application followed by a short, yet comprehensive, oral interview, thus testing not only written but also oral English proficiency of the candidates. Within the next months an intense but exciting preparation for the conference will take place consisting of several full-day training sessions along with weekly meetings. Further experience will be gained during the University of Heidelberg's own Model United Nations conference.
It is our aim to offer the best delegation experience possible. Therefore, we believe that participation in WorldMUN should not be a matter of social or financial status. Every year, the delegation as a whole carries out fundraising activities and is actively looking for sponsors and partners to cover most of the cost of our participation to WorldMUN.
The 23rd World Model United Nations conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium (March 17th - March 21st, 2014) in the beautiful Egmont Palace.
The Heidelberg delegation is Honoured to participate to World Model United nations, thus having the great opportunity to:
  • Debate with more than 1700 students form 45+ different countries and 145 delegations.
  • Train with former experienced WorldMUN delegates.
  • Improve rhetorical and negotiating skills.
  • Visit the heart of Europe and its institutions.
These are the students composing the 2014 delegation:
 Antonia Foldes (German, Slavistics)
English, German, French, Russian, Mandarin
The spirit of the UN draws together an international set of people to discuss current topics in a diplomatic and democratic fashion. Especially as WorldMUN is being hosted in Brussels this year – an important centre for international relations – I do not doubt that this will be an excellent conference. I look forward to learning about other delegates' perspectives and policies, so that through negotiation and collaboration we can create progressive resolutions on international issues. Not only am I proud to have been given the chance to attend such a brilliant conference, but am also excited about working within such a promising and inspiring delegation.  
Antonia Wilckens (Philosophy)
German, English, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek
Coming to a consensus requires discussion and debate, which I not only enjoy, but also value as a way of communication. Therefore I am thrilled to be part of this year's WorldMUN delegation from Heidelberg. Also, I am very much looking forward to meeting students from all over the world and learning about how the United Nations work.
Brenda Holz (Religious Studies and Egyptology)
Spanish, German, English, French, basic Mandarin Chinese (extinct languages: Latin, Middle Egyptian, Late Egyptian) 
In this day and age as the process of international integration is emerging and not only products are importet/exportet but we also exchange our different world views across the borders of our nativ country events like WorldMUN which bring together so many bright people from a great variety of disciplines and from all corners of the earth are a fantastic way of sharing different opinions and engaging in vital discussions on global political issues, that is why I am very excited to become part of next years WorldMUN in Belgium.
Brussels is a beautiful, vibrant city and I am very much looking forward to this unique opportunity to debate, exchange ideas, as well as make new friends.

Christian Hassert (Economics, Finance & Sociology)

German, English, Polish

Christian Hassert began his studies of Economics at Heidelberg University. During his studies he applied for Erasmus, which led to his one-year stay in Warsaw, Poland. After coming back to Germany he finished his Bachelor studies in Heidelberg and pursued his education with a Master of Science in Finance at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. During his studies, he had the opportunity to take part in various extracurricular activities. He placed third as a team member of Tilburg University in the Dutch / Belgian CFA Research Challenge where he gained first-hand experience as a stock analyst. Moreover, he managed to connect his interest in traveling and new cultures with the attendance at the AEGEE summer university project in Izmir, Turkey. Christian recently came back to Heidelberg and pursues a second Bachelor´s degree in Sociology at Heidelberg University. He is looking forward to taking part in Harvard World MUN 2014 and to have the chance to discuss important political topics with delegates from all over the world. 


Enes Witwit (Math Bachelor)


I'd like to go to WorldMUN because I am very open minded and glad to meet new people. I want to make some experience and share my experience.

Fiona Kolbinger (Medicine)

German, English, French, basic Romanian

Being part of WorldMUN 2013 excites me, because it deepens my knowledge and understanding of international relations and political decisions on a higher level by taking a decisionmaker's point of view myself. Approaching one topic from multiple points of view is as important as the use of rhetorical and negotiative skills, leading to unique discussions filled with information and strategy. I am certain that meeting over 1500 students from various countries and fields of study while talking about international politics will be an unforgettable experience!



Krystyna Balaban (Law)

Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, German, English, French

I am excited to take part in my first MUN conference, that will be held in Brussels this year. I really hope that my interest in politics and international affairs will be rewarded by bringing the "outstanding delegation" award back to Heidelberg. The most exciting part is meeting aspiring young leaders from all over the world, that can share their knowledge, culture and experience and to be able to debate with them about current international matters.




Lena Diekmann (Master Political Science and International Relations)

German, English, French, Turkish

To join the 2014 delegation of World MUN is so exciting! I am looking forward to the preparation sessions here in Heidelberg and then of course to our trip to Brussels in March. It will be a great experience to meet people from all over the world and to discuss with all of them about world politics. As a student of Political Science and International Relations, I focused on development politics. To understand how the United Nations work especially in the field of development politics and to have a lot of fun while debating, these are my points of interest. I am honoured to be part of the Harvard World MUN!
Martin Reinhardt (Physics)

German, English, Japanese

Nothing beats a good and intense debate now and then, I am sure most academics feel that way. WorldMUN is an excellent chance to go beyond seminar and kitchen table arguments and discuss international politics with participants from all over the world. It is fun trying to negotiate the best for the country you are representing by being the wittiest of them all. Plus, I really appreciate the opportunity of dressing up. I am looking forward to a good time of preparation and an exciting conference.
Oscar Santiago Vargas Guevara (Philosophy & Political Science)
Spanish (native); English (fluent); German (fluent); French (good knowledge)
I have been attending MUN regularly for the past three years, but it is the first time I get to participate in a conference this big and important. My main motivation to participate in these events, is, besides the clear academic development, the opportunity to meet such nice and open individuals. I can safely say that I have met some of my best friends, both in Colombia and abroad, through the MUN-World. Therefore, I am really looking forward to next WorldMUN, and to Spark the debate in the center of Europe.
Sebastian Bätz (Political Science and Modern History)

German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish

Having taken part in NMUN 2013 in New York and having attended the closing ceremony at the UN headquarters, I was overwhelmed with the spirit of these types of simulations. The intense but fruitful discussions with delegates from all over the world about the crucial issues of our time reinforced my conviction about the imperative of collaboration in international relations. I am honored to represent once more a nation's position at Harvard WorldMUN 2014 in Brussels and contribute to the unique intercultural and international experience.


Stefano Campostrini (Physics)

German, English, Italian

I am honoured and delighted to take part in WorldMUN 2014, thus having the chance, not only of making new international friends, but also of debating current global issues at a challenging level.
Since I have always studied in an international environment and have appreciated the diverse cultures I have met, I am really attracted by the opportunity of being part of such a community once again.
I am therefore fascinated with the idea of holding fruitful discussions over recent international issues with motivated students from all over the world simulating one of the most important organizations worldwide with the mutual aim of a better world.


Lutz Mager

Faculty Advisor

Legal Advisor at the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg