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Welcome to World Model UN Heidelberg!

The delegation of the University of Heidelberg has successfully participated at various conferences including Harvard World Model United Nations in Melbourne, Australia; Vancouver, Canada; Singapore; Taipei, Taiwan; The Hague, Netherlands; Puebla, Mexico; Beijing, Peoples Republic of China; Geneva, Switzerland;  Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt; Belo Horizonte, Brasil; Athens, Greece; Istanbul, Turkey; Cambridge, United Kingdom and National Model United Nations in New York, United States of America.

Besides winning numerous awards, the University of Heidelberg has so far been the only German University being honored to have been chosen as host for the Harvard World Model United Nations in 2003.  

Model UN - simulate the United Nations!

What's up next?
The 4th Heidelberg National MUN Conference,
Heidelberg National MUN 2014
held on January 11 to 12, 2014 in Heidelberg,
  is over. We had a great time - thanks to all
Study Guides and Rules of Procedure are online.
Schedule of Heidelberg National updated.
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Harvard WorldMUN 2014:
The delegation is preparing for 
Harvard WorldMUN 2014 - Brussels, we are on our way!

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Conference History:
The Heidelberg Delegation successfully participated in the
Harvard  World Model United Nations Conference 2013 -
congratulations to Miriam and Ali for winning Diplomacy Awards!


What we do:

We regularly participate as the University of Heidelberg's delegation at one of the largest and most demanding Model UN simulations, the Harvard WorldMUN Conference. In 2014, it will be held in Brussels, Belgium (Congrats to MUN Society Belgium for their successful bid!) The online application will start on October 13th on this page!

For three consecutive years, we have established our own Model UN simulation in Heidelberg, the Heidelberg National MUN. For more info on the 2014 conference, please check back in a few days.

If you have any questions about either MUN conference, please don't hesitate to contact us !


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