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Our Team for Harvard WorldMUN 2006


Head Delegate Team  

Nicole Betz (Law), Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA)

Christoph Engert (Molecular Biotechnology), Worldbank
Gundula v. Hartrott (Sinology, Macroeconomics), NGO Program


Johannes Becke (Political Science, French Studies), Historical Security Council

Sam Doerken (Mathmatics), European Council
Benjamin Krug (Political Science), Historical General Assembly (GA)
Saskia Kümmerle (Law), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Sven Lippmann (Sinology, Political Science), Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA)

Johannes Reck (Bioscience), World Health Organisation (GA)
Marina Rudyak (Sinology, Public Law), United Nations Development Programme 
Falilou Saw (Law), Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA)

Faculty Advisors
Henrik Schober (Political Science)

Marton Kerkapoly (Law)


For more information on the topics discussed in
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