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Harvard WorldMUN 2007 - Geneva, Switzerland

After leading us to Asia for the 2006 conference, the Harvard WorldMUN 2007 will take place in beautiful Geneva.

As soon as further information is available, it will be posted here. Please check regularly for updates!


Preparations for WorldMUN 2007 have now begun.

Meetings are in progress since October 2006. We meet on a weekly basis to prepare ourselves for the conference. If you are interested to see how we work, please send your contact info via eMail.
The great conference is over - and we congratulate
Mr. Benjamin Krug on winning a Diplomacy Award!


The current site is designed to provide you with detailed information on the forthcoming event. It also gives us, the Heidelberg Team, a chance to introduce ourselves. Additionally, you will find material on the aims and activities of the WorldMUN Heidelberg e.V.