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Harvard WorldMUN 2016 - Rome, Italy

Many roads lead to Rome...
... including the upcoming Harvard World Model United Nations conference in March 2016! As in the previous years, WorldMUN Heidelberg is able to send a delegation to the olympics of model UN conferences, which will comprise around 2.500 fellow students from all over the world.

After a long recruiting process, in which each delegate was chosen after a careful written and oral interview, we can finally introduce you to our delegation, which will represent New Zealand as well as the University of Heidelberg at Harvard World Model United Nations 2016:

Jeremy SchmidtJeremy Schmidt:
My name is Jeremy, I´m 20 year's old and I'm studying medicine, currently in the 5th semester. WorldMUN 2016 will be my eleventh conference, so I can truly admit I have been infected with the MUN virus. Participating at Model United Nations combines my interest in international policy with a lot of negotiating skills in debate, and all that in the framework of students from different subjects, cities, and in particular at WorldMUN, over 100 countries. As I am very lucky to be part of this year's team again, after travelling to WorldMUN 2015 in Seoul, I am eager to catch this spirit again, be active in the committee and - most important - have lots of fun in this incredible week full of debates, special events and crazy parties!


Maria BlöcherMaria Blöcher:
My name is Maria, I'm 26 years old and as a PhD-­student I'm currently teaching literature at the German Department. I studied German and Classics in London and Heidelberg and taught German at the GESS in Singapore and at King's College London. During my time abroad, I discovered a deep interest in cultural exchange and international relations and I'm therefore excited to take part in an intercultural experience like WorldMUN.  




Christian FriedelChristian Friedel:
Hello everyone! My name is Christian Friedel, I'm 19 years old and come from Caracas, Venezuela. I have been living in Germany since September 2014 and have been studying Laws in the University of Heidelberg since October 2015. In Venezuela it is basically impossible to live without being at least a little bit interested in politics, and that is why I joined the MUN of the German School in Caracas for three years. When I heard there was the possibility to continue with this activity in Heidelberg I knew that I had to do it, even more whit the possibility of joining WorldMUN. In Venezuela I learned to love this activity and this is what motivated me to study Laws. Long story short, this is the best activity there is in my opinion!


Constanze KreutzerConstanze Kreutzer:
Hey, my name is Constanze! With regards to Harvard World MUN I'm looking forward to the international environment of debate and I'm excited to meet students from all over the world. 





Jan Ole LudwigJan Ole Ludwig:
Hi there, I'm Jan and I'm 21 years old. I'm currently studying medicine at Heidelberg University in my 5th semester. I'm very excited to have lively debates, explore new horizons and discuss international topics at a top level at Harvard WorldMUN.





Yasmin Al-DouriYasmin Al-Douri:
As the daughter of a highly justice seeking mother and a political involved father it isn't quite surprising that I have been very interested in politics my whole life. Therefore it wasn't shocking that I decided to study Political Science and Psychology at the University of Heidelberg. As this is my first year at College, I'm very honoured to be part of this great delegation. I'm not only excited to participate in WorldMUN, which will be my third huge international conference, but I also can't wait to meet fellow students from all around the world.




Natalie StasiewiczNatalie Stasiewicz:
I am 22 years old and studying History and South Asia Studies at the University of Heidelberg since 2012. I am interested in international relations, languages and culture. The 25 conference in Rome will be my first big MUN conference. I am looking forward to this experience. I see WorldMUN as an unique opportunity to meet students from all over the world, to exchange ideas and debate with them.


Derya Derya ŞahinŞahin:
Growing up in a metropole in one of the most politically heated regions, politics has always been one of my biggest interests. The focus of my political interest shifted more and more from national to international politics as I started my expat career in Germany 4 years ago and had the chance to travel around the world and discover more about the political structures of different countries. I came to the conclusion that it was no longer possible to isolate the national politics from the international context in our contemporary world with its highly globalized structure and advanced technology. Thus, I realized the paramount importance of diplomacy for international politics. I take it as an honour to present Heidelberg in the Olympics of diplomacy in Rome, the city that already stole my heart years ago. In my spare time from MUN, I study medicine and dance.


Lukas von Brasch:
I'm 20 years old and I studying law. Before switching to Heidelberg, I studied international relations at IEP Paris, a field I still follow with great interest. For me, WorldMUN 2016 is my second international Model United Nations conference. I'm looking forward to Harvard World MUN as it is an ideal opportunity to discuss current international problems in an international atmosphere and have an intercultural experience with students from all around the globe.


Ansgar StenzelAnsgar Stenzel:
My name is Ansgar and I'm in my second year of attending Heidelberg University Medical School. I try to step on a tennis court as frequently as possible. Also, I'm a member of the student council of my faculty. As I'm pretty much a newcomer to MUN-conferences, Harvard WorldMUN will be my first international one.  




Clara KlöckerClara Antonia Klöcker:
Hi, my name is Clara I'm 20 years old and I'm currently studying Biology, Political Science and Geography. I'm highly interested in environmental issues and I love to experience new ways of thinking for which Harvard World MUN is a perfect possibility. I'm looking forward to the multi-cultural environment of the conference and the fruitful discussions on political, social and environmental problems.


Andrew TobeyAndrew Tobey:
After becoming a trained chef and spending some time working in my profession, I went back to high school to earn my GCSE. There, I found my passion for learning, something I previously just thought of as a prerequisite, a bare necessity to win one's bread. Embracing life as an on-going learning experience, I readily take every opportunity to learn new things. As a result, I'm interested and involved in a number of themes, ranging from music to history, politics, cultural studies, and pedagogics, to name only a few. Currently, I'm studying English and German studies in Heidelberg to lay a foundation for a future career in translation.